Collaborative translation workshop.

Speaker(s) : Martin Vassor Diane Ranville

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Newbie
  • Nature : Workshop
  • Date : Tuesday 4 July 2017
  • Schedule : 15h40
  • Duration : 120 minutes
  • Place : Room Info J 207 Workshop Partage/Esthétiques/Sécurité
Fil rouge : Esthétique du libre
Public cible : Grand public

In this workshop, we give anybody the opportunity to participate to a collaborative translation in the same way they are done in the framalang group.

Different steps of translation will be proposed : from article research to "bloguification".

Martin Vassor , Diane Ranville
Martin Vassor is an IT student mainly working on Framalang, Diane Ranville is translating things for Framasoft and Wikipedia under the name of Opsylac.