Lodging and meals

Informations about the city hotels are available on the tourism office website.

Applications for lodging can be done on the reservation page (not fully transamted). You can also contact the staff by sending an email to hebergement (at) listes2017.rmll.info. Because every facility is managed by a different person, you are required to notify your place of choice.

Saint-Etienne Map

The following options are available (from july 1rd to july 7th) :

  • Centre International de Séjour de Saint-Étienne
    • 14 bis, Rue de Roubaix 42000 SAINT-ETIENNE
    • GPS : N 45°26’29" E 4°23’42"
    • The CIS de Saint-Étienne offers accommodation less than 2 km from the LSM site and is 5 minutes from the city center.
    • Shared room (2 to 4 beds).
    • Each room owns a private or semi-private bathroom.
    • Check-in from 4.00pm till 9.00pm. Check-out before 10.00am.
    • Breakfast served from 6.30am till 8.00am in our restaurant.
    • Sheets and blanket supplied on arrival (90x200 individual beds).
    • Towels not supplied.
    • Prices per night per person, breakfast included : 24,60€ .
  • Résidence du CROUS la Cotonne
    • 17 Bd Raoul Duval 42023 Saint-Etienne
    • The « résidence du CROUS La Cotonne » is less than 25 minutes by public transport from the LSM site.
    • Refurbished bedrooms from 9 m² equipped with private washroom facilities (shower, toilet, washbasin), refrigerator.
    • Disposable bedding kit supplied on arrival.
    • Towels not supplied.
    • Prices per night per person, breakfast not included : 23,40€ .


Food Truck are present for lunch from Monday July 3th to Friday July 7th .

Gluten allergy or other intolerance problems should be notified to the staff, or to hebergement (at) listes2017.rmll.info.

Social Event

It will be held in the "Espace des forces motrices" on Wednesday July 5th 2017 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Price : 22€."

If you want to have a vegetarian or vegan menu, tell us by sending (in addition to the booking of the social event) an email to hebergement(at)listes2017.rmll.info. Any allergy or other intolerance problems should also be notified to the same address.

T-shirts informations

Woman cut:

Regular cut:

Prices: 12€.